Enjoy the beauty of natural stone without the maintenance of granite!
Quartz is a non-porous and natural surface, composed of 93% raw quartz – one of the hardest minerals on earth. The slabs are man-made by combining natural quartz with pigment and resin to create slabs that are extremely durable, stain resistant, and consistent in color. Quartz is available in different finishes such as- polished, matte, and textured. Quartz surfacing never needs sealing and offers a low maintenance and long-lasting beautiful option for all areas of a home or office space. Most quartz manufacturers offer warranties from 1 year to lifetime, many of which are transferable if you are looking to sell your home. 
  • Manufactured product (readily available with a wide variety of colors)
  • Extremely durable (won't chip or crack easily)
  • Very hard (resistant to scratches)
  • Non-porous (resistant to stains and bacteria)
  • Available in different finishes (including polished, matte, or textured)

CTM proudly offers the following Quartz brands:

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