Integrated Wireless Charging for Stone Countertops

Memphis FreePower Fabricator 

Award Winning

FreePower Technology Meets
Countertops of Memphis Stone

Embedded wireless charging offers a seamless and convenient charging solution, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern kitchens and workspaces. By integrating the award-winning FreePower technology with Countertops of Memphis stone, users can charge their devices effortlessly by simply placing them on the "charging halo" surface, eliminating the need for cords and clutter.

Add to Your Project
For the Design- Conscious

This innovation not only maximizes surface space but also maintains the sleek, elegant look of stone countertops and the care that goes into your design project. The durability of stone ensures that the embedded technology is well-protected, providing a long-lasting, efficient charging solution. 

Seamlessly embedded beneath stone countertops
Copper coils power corner-to-corner
Projected light charging halo
Charge 3 devices simultaneously
App controlled & updated
Compatible with all major device brands




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