Countertops of Memphis is proud to offer Anti-Etch countertop protection as the only applicator in the state of Tennessee!

Marble is finally a durable option for your kitchen! This easy to maintain solution stops etching and staining caused by acidic foods, improper cleaners, and other substances. It features a crystal clear, durable, eco-friendly, super-thin, coating that prevents damaging solutions from affecting your marble countertop surface. Anti-Etch can be used on new countertops or it can be used to restore marble that has been installed for years.  The final product can be polished or honed regardless of the original stone's finish.  Everything is done right in your home with no mess at all. It's time to ditch the temporary solutions and let us bring your marble to life! 

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Food Safe & Eco-Friendly

Low odor during application & zero porosity so germs can't grow. 

10 Year Expected Wear

Easy to maintain and repair with high durability and no cracking or peeling.

Multiple Applications

Can be applied on marble, limestone, onyx, and travertine with honed and polished surfaces.
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